Residential & Educational Program

has three pillars:


Fosters a sense
of belonging & supports
acclimation to life in the US. 


Develops intercultural skills,
raises and deepens
global awareness.


Brings the world
to our local doorstep
and local experience to the world. 

  • IHAA residents are never alone. Our staff helps with acclimating to life in a new country by answering questions and sharing information about everything from bus routes to etiquette in professional settings.
  • Social outings allow IHAA residents to bond in new places and learn about local culture. Includes walking tours, ice skating, museums, bonfires, corn mazes, and more.
  • Residents will share authentic dishes from their home country or culture with other residents and members of the public.
  • IHAA residents experience celebrations of the world such as Diwali, Ramadan, Lunar New Year, Christmas, Passover, and more.
  • HAA residents engage in lively intercultural conversations of different themes like love & relationships, spirituality, gender roles, and more.
  • IHAA residents share a presentation on their home country or culture with local elementary school children, providing residents a chance to give back to the community and share their cultures.
  • IHAA residents organize events for co-residents and/or the public. This includes anything from movie watching parties, cooking demos, dance instruction, doing talks or sharing expertise, art instruction, games, traditional foods, and more.