Tribal Justice at I-House Ann Arbor

“I loved the GEU program on Indians in Boarding Schools!” – IHAA Alumna 

At I-House Ann Arbor we like to say, “Our context is Global. Our method is Engagement. Our goal is Understanding.”  With our vision of a global community that strives for a deeper understanding of our interconnections, the GEU Program kicked-off with themes of Tribal Justice and Indigenous Knowing.

International students and local community members participated in a symposium with an Indian Chief/police officer and U.S. county court judge. They watched an award-winning film on tribal approaches to justice especially in family law. Students attended social events with Michigan’s indigenous tribes. Over twenty participants joined in a guided tour of cultural heritage sites at a Native American Reservation. 

These opportunities gave participants a deeper understanding of the issues facing Indigenous People, of how those issues came about, their devastating consequences, and what is being done, can be done, and must be done to repair and heal our world. As GEU participants carry this experience with them into their future, they will influence and impact the social decisions of our global community with a caring consciousness.

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