Intercultural Evolution

I-House Ann Arbor offers invaluable opportunities to appreciate a different kind of knowledge, something you can’t buy on Amazon or download with an App. The inner knowing we develop from experiencing ourselves as integral members of an international, intercultural global community happens through engagement with diversity. The evolution of our species depends on all of us developing an intercultural awareness of our deeper connections. The GEU Program is designed to help us break down barriers between our world’s cultures while preserving the integrity of each. As we take small steps to practice and celebrate our intercultural growth, we lift the hearts of all who yearn for a better, safer, more just and peaceful world.

Globalization transforms our social reality, challenging us to adapt, influence, and create solutions to our world’s pressing problems. Taking the time to engage in global understanding, to build the experiences required to develop the kind of knowing we need, is critical to our intercultural evolution.

The Global Engagement for Understanding Program offers four main themes of engagement to help us evolve interculturally: Culture & Spirituality, Leadership & Service, Community & Politics, and Justice & Peace.  As I-House residents, UM international students, and Washtenaw County residents take part in our programs, the level of intercultural effectiveness rises, producing positive outcomes for humanity’s evolution. Join us.

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